For over 115 years, the Johnstown Public Library has been a fixture in our community. An original Carnegie Library, our building is an anchor for our downtown bringing people to the heart of Johnstown.

At the turn of the 20th century, when Johnstown’s city leaders acquired funding from Andrew Carnegie to build the Library, they also made a commitment to provide on-going funding for the Library. It has been over a century since we opened our doors. In that time, not only have library programs and services changed but so have the economic realities of our daily lives.

The Johnstown Public Library is currently chartered as a municipal library. It depends on the City for its funding. In 2016, the Library received $298,100 from the City, down $13,400 (4%) from 2015. In 2017, the City floated the idea of drastically cutting the Library’s funding. The community’s response was swift and the City provide the Library’s funding request of $278,100—another $20,000 cut. This year, the Library’s funding from the City is the same–$278,100—despite rising costs.

Public Presentations on the Initiative:

  • Saturday, May 19th, 9 am on “Talk of the Town” (WENT Radio Show)
  • Thursday, May 24,  7 pm at the Library